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01st July 2019

Managing a distributed development team

Most of the successful companies have more than one office and or they outsource teams from all over the world. With this in mind, working the most efficient and effective way possible is more important than ever.

Distributed teams can work on projects around the clock, accelerating the time to market. Also, highly skilled talent can be found in less competitive markets. But, working across time zones and geographies brings some challenges as well. From scheduling meeting and collaborating
between different cultures to dealing with release deadlines – managing a remote development team isn’t an easy task.

The most important thing when deciding to work with a distributed team is defining a common understanding and processes. From code standards and styles to deployment procedures – there should be standards team will adopt and follow.

For that to be achieved and put to good use, communication is vital. When managing remote teams, everything is about teamwork so collaboration is highly encouraged. Whatever the chosen development methodology is, there are a lot of very useful and easy to use collaboration and project management tools, such as Slack, Trello, Jira, Skype and many, many others.

Setting realistic workloads and making sure everyone on board understands their roles and responsibilities is another crucial segment.

In the end, software outsourcing can be an invaluable tool for your businesses of any size and type. But, in order for a product to be successfully developed, all teams, remote or not, have to be on the same page regarding the vision and have shared goals and values.

Distributed development teams can deliver quality and working software, in the more cost-efficient way. And that exactly is what we, at Differenz, do. Our team is truly committed to clients’ success and always willing to put in the extra effort. That’s why we craft extraordinary software solutions. Dozens of clients bear testimony to the quality of our work and if you have a project you wish to start, reach out and request a free consultation. Let’s talk about your project. Get in touch with our team.