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We believe in providing solutions that would make a huge difference to our clients’ productivity and profitability. Our business is built on the foundation of three points, namely high performance, high productivity and positively energized working environment.

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To develop innovative and cost effective web and mobile based IT solutions for our clients and their stakeholders to boost their work productivity and profitability, enabling them to work anywhere anytime with our ironclad guarantee to deliver their solutions on-time with 24/7 support.

Our Values

Openness & Transparency, Pursuit of Excellence, Integrity & Honesty, Dedication & Commitment, Creativity.

Our Vision

Bring innovative solutions for a client to reach their customers effectively.

Our team

Brijesh Tekrawala
Co-Founder & Director
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Brijesh co-founded Differenz in 2012 and has been working in IT industry for over 13 years developing e-Learning and mobile applications. Prior to Differenz, he worked with JZero as the project manager. He has been an active R&D member of new technologies and has architected plenty of them. Technology is his passion and his responsibilities include evaluating technological challenges for a client and execute innovative concepts by developing user-friendly practical applications.

Fazil Loladia
Co-Founder & Director
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Fazil co-founded Differenz in 2012 and has been working in IT industry for over 11 years. He has developed web applications in manufacturing, real estate and mobile. Prior to Differenz, He worked with iGATE(formerly known as Patni computers) as the project lead. Dealing with new challenges is his utmost passion. Creating breakthrough from breakdown is his joy. Exploring new opportunities and solving problems is his key responsibility.

Rajneesh Singh
Business Development Manager
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Rajneesh is the Business Development Manager at Differenz. Working mainly in Automated Testing, HCM implementation space and working for companies such as iSelect, MYOB and NAB. Rajneesh is passionate about exploring technological innovations and is constantly looking to provide clients with value added offerings.

Amit Kansagra
Business Development Manager
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Amit is the Business Developement Manager at Midwest and East coast of United States at Differenz. He has 360 degree insight into IT operations and software development with his over 20 years of experience in IT space. He has substantial experience of all facets of software development life cycle using various software practices, project management, requirement management, product delivery management, people management, and business analysis skills.

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