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04th June 2018

How can we help you build your next mobile app

Creating a mobile app that’s worth downloading is not an easy task and simply having an idea is clearly not enough. If you’re up in the air about whether or how to build your mobile app, reading this blog post will increase your chances of success.

In our 15+ years of creating mobile apps, we developed hundreds of mobile apps. During this time, we’ve come up with a guide that will walk you through the clear steps of building and launching your mobile app. So, let’s start!

➔ Set a goal The first step is identifying a problem which can be resolved by your app and deciding the features you want to develop.

➔ Sketch Make visual representations of your thoughts using nothing but the pen and paper.

➔ Wireframe To give the visual impression of your mobile app, start working on the backbone of the product which is wireframing, helping you define the structure and layouts.

➔ Start defining the back end of your app Frameworks, APIs, data diagrams, servers. Also, decide on what approach to take in developing the app – native, web or hybrid.

➔ Design Combine nice looks and functionality with style and trends, making sure simple, intuitive and efficient mobile app experience is delivered.

➔ Test Testing is essential in the mobile app development process so make sure that both the look and the feel of the app meet your objectives.

➔ Iterate After testing is completed, you learned that there are still a few changes you need to make so modify and adjust.

➔ Release The last step is to distribute your app and share it with the world, hoping and doing your best to make is successful.

No matter how you decide to approach a project like this, it is definitely important that you have a strategy and plan for both the development process and monitoring the performance of your app once it is launched.

We would love to hear what is your process of building mobile apps, what are the deciding factors or what tools are in your toolkit. Comment or send us a message or Get in touch with our team.