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22nd July 2019

Top website trends for 2018 that you should not miss out on

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Milton Glaser

That is the same goal when building and design website. Smart businesses realize that the website is their single most important marketing tool. Since website visitors really do judge a book by its cover – it’s no brainer why designing a beautiful and fully functional website is vital.

Whether you follow all of the hot new trends or not, it’s always useful to know what they are. Trends provide context and bring an opportunity for discussing which is good for boosting creativity. So, in the following article, Differenz team presents trends, techniques, and tools that will define website design in 2018 and beyond.

Ubiquitous animations
Websites shouldn’t be static and it’s not all about putting words on a page. Animation can play a vital role in making communication messages and interfaces easily understandable. Animated logos, GIFs, unusual scrolling options and page transitions – those are all opportunities to enhance your brand further.

Vivid color schemes
This is the year to get unstuck from web-safe colors and start exploring how color can be used to deliver an even better experience for website visitors. Vibrant colors can add depth and texture to a simple site, attract visitors’ attention, and serve as a distinguishing factor for brands.

Imaginative typography
Typography is a powerful visual tool and the use of boulder typography will be even broadened out this year. Bold, unusual and innovative typography can anchor the website, evoke emotion and set a focus on conveying the desired communication message. In the end, this is what will keep the visitor reading your website.

Other website design trends include lively illustrations, mobile first thinking, asymmetric layouts, circuitous shapes and many others.

This is supposed to be the state of web design in 2018. Our message for all of you involved in designing website: Keep an eye on the trends but be unique in your style, authentic and original. Get in touch with our team for more details.