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17th September 2018

Things to look for and consider when hiring a web design and development agency

What qualities to look for? What questions should be asked? Where the agency should be located? There are so many questions regarding this topic and before settling on a design and development company, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

You need to see whether your company is philosophically aligned with this agency, how they handle risk managers during their design and software development process, what resources do they have internally and similar. During this process, in order to select the right option, you need to have a smart approach: ask your network for suggestions, do your research and interview agencies like you would employees.

Selecting a design and development agency to build your digital product is a big decision – the exhausting one and pretty time consuming too. To help you choose, we have identified top qualities to look for when hiring a design and development agency.

➔ They are forward-thinking agency planning for the future of your product.
➔ They have a true expertise and experienced team members.
➔ They have examples of successful products they’ve brought to market.
➔ They ask questions and they want to fully understand your business.
➔ They build solutions customized to your specific needs.

Before making such a major investment, you need to know as much about this company as possible. You would want to know about their team, expertise, processes and those are some of the questions to be asked.

➔ Is all work done in-house or does the web design company outsource?
➔ How big is your team?
➔ How long have they been working together?
➔ How do you base your pricing?
➔ How long have you been deploying the technology you use?
➔ Do you offer a warranty?
➔ Can you show some similar projects you’ve completed?
➔ Can you provide references?
➔ Do you have a dedicated project manager that will be managing this project?

Searching for a design and development company that fits the needs of your business can be overwhelming as you’re putting your trust and your budget into someone else’s hands. Hopefully, this article will help you get it right.

Did we mention we have a team of experts ready build any kind of a digital product? Designing and developing a software is no easy task and it needs people who are experts in their specialized domains. That just might be the Differenz team, our most important asset. We are ready to discuss your project so contact us to get started.