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01st October 2018

Step by step guide to amazing web animations

Animations are extremely popular to make your website more appealing, user-friendlier and easier to absorb. Animations can also put the focus on the particular information you want to emphasize, keep your visitors engaged and attract attention.

At Differenz, we’re huge fans of creative and great looking animations. Welcoming animations. Loading. Background video. Scrolling. Hover animations. Sidebar navigation. – It’s an exciting time for web animation. Animations on the web are nowadays popping up everywhere. It definitely become a must-have instead of nice to have feature.

From a simple underline that appears on hover to complex solid drawing animation, animations can range from subtle to those difficult to avoid. Still, the key for mastering web animation is in moderation. Instead of creating a complete chaos in motion, the effect you might want to achieve is user or visitors enjoying the overall experience without even thinking he or she is seeing the animated objects.

Zest uses a small moving mouse icon to show that there is more to the website then what visitor is seeing at the moment.

Al Erkyah City
This website has an amazing loading with lots of different objects being animated but still looking very subtle and elegant.

This whole website can serve as Animations 101 lesson. It has different animations types present on every single screen of the website.

Animating value proposition is a great way to put additional focus on the content. This can be executed as one or multiple words of the UVO being typed in, deleted, and changed to a different word.

Another great use of animations comes from a well-known product. They used web animations to show functionalities and how their software looks.

The website appearances have come a long way and now features and layouts are important. Still, it’s all about the interaction and communication, and that’s why animation is a crucial side of every web project.

At Differenz , we have hundreds of website projects completed in our portfolio. A vast majority of them use delightful web animations improving the overall look and feel of those websites. If you’re looking for a dedicated team that is able to design and develop your animated website, we are the ones. Feel free to reach out.