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12th March 2018

Questions to ask your prospective software development partner

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” Thomas Berger

Same goes when hiring software development partner. Questions are vital to come to an understanding with a potential development partner.

We probably can’t cover all them but here are several questions that should not be missed.

What does the development process look like in your company?
Do they start with a thorough research? Do they offer a Proof of Concept? Do they optimize the flow and the UX? Those are all indicators of an approach your potential partner takes when handling similar projects.

Could you show me some references and case studies?
Asking for some details regarding the referred projects, reading reviews and searching for the opinions – those are all standard steps to be taken in order to make sure you are choosing the partner that will deliver highest quality service, on time, within your budget.

What pricing model can I choose?
Different companies have different needs when it comes to software development and choosing the right engagement model plays an important role, whether it is Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Development Team or some hybrid model.

Can I adjust my feature set and specifications during the project?
Having a clear understanding how the potential development partner will handle the upcoming changes and how it will impact the budget and delivery time is critical.

What is your communication process?
Communication can sometimes be a deal breaker for software development projects so it’s important to be on the same page regarding communication channels and availability.

We are thrilled when potential clients are engaged enough to come to us with a round of questions. When looking for a software development company to handle your project, look for a partner that can provide you with the best overall value. At Differenz, we have a highly skilled team that has worked across a variety of industries, for companies across the globe. We are confident we can answer any question you might have regarding your software development needs. Try us. Let’s talk about your project. Get in touch with our team.