Latest insight into the state of software development 2018

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Software development is one of the most rapidly changing industries on the planet. What might
be used or worshiped today might be obsolete tomorrow.

Whether you need to benchmark your business against competition, get some insights to further
improve the development team and keep up with the latest trends – we have gathered insights
about today’s software development landscape.

First thing first – let’s start with resources. According to the report published by Coding Sans, the
biggest challenge tech companies are facing is related to capacity. This includes a variety of
segments such as time management, backlog, speed-to-market, technology selection and

When it comes to the technologies, tools and programming languages – it is not surprising that
the most widely used programming language is JavaScript, followed by Java and Python. A
wide variety of tools is usually used by developers, especially if we speak about time
management, project management and testing. The most used tools among them are
collaboration tools: Jira, GitHub, Trello and Asana to be more specific.

We were also interested to research and learn more about team performance and what might
be the number one issue related to this. According to the same research, and based on the
responses of developers and managers, unrealistic expectations, lack of clearly defined
deliverables and ever-changing landscape are the main reasons for under delivering.

As for the trends and predictions related to software development – here are a couple of
keywords: AI-driven tools, machine learning, blockchain technologies, IoT.

Besides checking these out, we recommend something that will have a real effect on your team
and company performance – invest in your team’s education, take special care of security, set
and use metrics for success.

For development teams across the world, 2018 will be defined by juggling between taking
advantage of transformative new opportunities while coping with the pressure to do more, with
higher quality and with limited resources too.

It’s 2018 and we are definitely excited to see what will be different in 2019. Have some thoughts
on this? Sharing is caring and commenting is great too.

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