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08th July 2019

How to develop a successful digital product?

In order for a product to be successful and therefore profitable – it needs to provide outstanding value to its users, be fully functional and easy to use, as well as pleasing to look at. A checklist for successfully bringing a digital product to market includes conducting market research,
identifying the target audience, creating user personas, planning the launch and so forth. But, organizing the activities leading up to the launch can often be the most difficult part of digital product creation.

Yes, we are talking product design and development.

Products are an essential component of business success but more than 70% of product development projects fail to produce a positive return on investment. Equally concerning, 60% of products fail to make it to market, according to Hannover Research.

Lack of skills, taking too long to launch, bad design, poor user experience, sloppy implementation, all contribute to product failure. It’s not that difficult to conclude the effect of time to market on the value of the new product, as well as the cost of inefficiencies in the product development process, is huge.

That’s why choosing the company to actually design and develop your digital product might just be the game changing step in the new product development process. First of all, it’s important to know that this is not a process to be rushed. Among thousands of options, the ultimate goal is
to select the best company for delivering the desired outcome.

There are many things to be considered when outsourcing product development services. Your potential outsourcing partner’s references, work methodologies, availability and quality of work are only some of them. It’s crucial to evaluate their project management competency, the level
of success achieved, adherence to contract terms, and similar.

On the other side, there are many questions you need to answer internally, too. What type of product development services specifically do you want to outsource? How much do you plan tospend? When do you want to launch your product?

Today, it is difficult and almost impossible for companies to achieve a balance between building digital products faster while keeping the production cost lower, without affecting the quality. If you are still struggling with the decision which company to choose to bring your idea to life, we’re happy to help. When working with Differenz, you are being guaranteed that the highest quality service will be provided. At the same time, we really care about your peace of mind and work hard to cope with constantly changing requirements. Timely delivery. Top-notch solutions. The best quality/price ratio. Let’s talk about your project. Get in touch with our team.