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13th August 2018

Building an app? Learn why you should consider adding voice technology

Voice technology is definitely transforming our lives and businesses. It is reinventing the way how we browse the Internet, manage our homes, buy stuff and interact with our devices. Once was considered a science fiction will soon be part of our everyday lives: we’ll be able to talk to
our refrigerators, ask questions to our running app and similar.

Many future-oriented entrepreneurs have already started using voice technology to their advantage. And this is an obvious choice having in mind that in the world of business, it holds extraordinary potential.

Voice technology can transform how your customers interact with your business, use your services or buy your products.

There is a huge buzz right now about voice technology and for a good reason, it seems.

Integrating voice technology into your business can help you:

➔ Engage customers
➔ Increase customer loyalty
➔ Provide a superb user experience
➔ Increasing the value you provide
➔ Improve overall business performance

Take a look at the interesting statistics about voice technology, collected from studies conducted by Google, Gartner, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

➔ 9 out of 10 consumers are familiar with voice-enabled products and devices.
➔ 1 in 2 smartphone users now use voice technology.
➔ 98% of voice users expect their usage to either increase or stay the same.
➔ 93% of consumers are satisfied with their voice assistants.
➔ 71% of consumers would rather use their vice assistants to search for something on the Internet.
➔ 65% of consumers say that they would not want to go back to life without their smart speaker.
➔ 76.5 M is the projected number of smart speakers users by 2020.

Regardless of the previously mentioned statistics, there is still a huge gap between what businesses across the globe know about voice technology and what they do about it. Today, consumers want products (mainly apps) that enrich and simplify their lives in the easiest manner possible. Creating user experiences that will make this happen means creating fundamentally different customer experiences – the ones based on voice technology, from voice notifications and evolving search behaviour to trying to mimic people’s natural speech patterns.

Voice is obviously is taking over and it is here to stay – transforming how your customers find and interact with your brand. In order to keep up with the coming changes and influence consumers buying decisions, companies will need to start thinking of ways of integrating voice
technology into their business.

Want to learn more about the transformative potential of voice for your business? Let us know!