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27th August 2018

A Guide to iOS App Development: From idea to iPhone – What to know and how to get started

In one of our previous articles, we have talked about the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android. iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

By the numbers, 500 million people visit Apple stores every year and Apple is nearing 2 billion iOS devices shipped. According to MediaKit, on January 1, 2018 the App Store generated $300 million in purchases and in 2017, they paid iOS app developers $26.5 billion dollars. Other
interesting facts and stats include:

➔ 1 Trillion is the number of photos taken on iOS devices yearly
➔ Siri receives 10 billion requests each month
➔ Shoppers on iOS convert at incredibly higher rates than Android customers.

At Differenz System, we help companies worldwide grow their business by designing and developing outstanding iOS apps. This time, we will present three iOS app developed by our team.

Orbit is the fastest growing mobile medical network for U.S. licensed physicians and APPs only. Through their mobile device, clinicians can use Orbit’s free tools to play fun, multiplayer, medical education challenges, connect with colleagues, collaborate, chat, RSVP to congresses, and
stay up to date on medical news all while earning prizes. Some of the features implemented by our team are one to one chat via QuickBlox, real time gaming via Pusher, as well as Facebook & Twitter authentication sharing.

Fuloop provides local business owners the ability to easily promote their businesses to a customer while providing local consumer access to gamified shopping experience while they’re on the go. Not only customer is able to conveniently search for location-based promotional offers and nearby products or services, they can earn discount and loyalty points for shopping at the places they love. Google Place API, Facebook & Twitter sharing features and Facebook authentication are only some of the things we implemented for this app.

Tuava is a platform that connects people with their favourite places and gives business a way to connect with their customers. It gives businesses a way to reward repeat customers and develop a network of customers with whom they can share discounts, event invitations, and other information about their business. Our team of Swift experts implemented crash analytics with Fabric, handled Stripe payment gateway, Google place API, APNs and Alamofire (Rest

Differenz team designs and develops iOS mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business. If you have an idea for iOS app, tell us how we can assist you and one of our experienced mobile strategists will get in touch shortly.