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10th September 2018

A Guide to Android App Development: What to know and how to get started

Android is the most popular mobile operating system globally and we have talked about it in one of our previous articles.

Google Play as the Google store app has a process implying much less strict guidelines for Android app developers to comply and the review process takes much less time compared to the Apple’s App Store. The positive side of this is that developers can push their apps on the Store much faster but as a consequence, they will compete with a large number of malicious Android apps too.

21.12% of apps in the Google Play Store had generated 100 to 500 downloads and only 0.1% of apps managed to accumulate more than 5M downloads.

Interesting facts and stats about Android include:

➔ Current number of Android apps on Google Play is 2,551,074.
➔ Android share of the global mobile operating system market is 87.7%.
➔ Android share of all devices connected to the internet globally is 37.93%.

At Differenz System, we help companies worldwide grow their business by designing and developing outstanding Android apps. This time, we will present three Android apps developed by our team.

Tuava is a platform that connects people with their favorite places and gives business a way to connect with their customers. It gives businesses a way to reward repeat customers and develop a network of customers with whom they can share discounts, event invitations, and other information about their business. What our team did is: Fabric (Crash Analytics), FCM (Push Notifications), LoopJ (REST API Handler), Stripe payment gateway, Google place API Google place.

The EZ List
The EZ List is an app allowing users to search for outcall services that deliver to your home or business. Their certified verification process eliminates anonymous reviews on The EZ List, giving users trusted, more credible info to make the right choice. Using Java, Differenz team implemented Fabric (crash analytics), Mapbox (turn by turn navigation) and Stripe payment gateway.

The Seeker App
The Seeker App is a marketplace where users can find expert tutor/teacher on various subjects. This app provides a faster way of learning with very less cost – if users need tutoring he/she can easily apply and engage with tutors. On the other side, if that user also has expert skills – he/she
can sign-up for tutor and earn money too. The work done on this project by our team can be described with the following: Stripe payment Gateway, Google Map API, Firebase Push Notification, Twilio, TokBox Video Call.

Our Differenz team designs and develops Android mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business. If you have an idea for an Android app, tell us how we can assist you and one of our experienced mobile strategists will get in touch shortly.