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28th May 2018

8 most common website mistakes

Bugs, poor navigation, weak content, unappealing design – those are only some of the most common website mistakes to avoid. In one of our previous blog posts, we have mentioned that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Some of them are outstanding, some not so much.

Therefore, here are 8 things you must address as a priority when building or redesigning a website:

1. Unresponsiveness
Your website should not only be optimised for different web browsers but it needs to be responsive to smartphone-based web browsers too, meaning it has to be configured to load and display quickly on a screen of any size.

2. Long page titles
Page titles can certainly enhance your website since they tell visitors what a page is about. From the SEO side, it is always good to keep your page titles concise since search engines and browsers may cut off the website page title if it is too long.

3. Too lengthy forms
In order to convert traffic into leads or enable visitors to establish a contact with your company – a simple form is needed. Obviously, more people will be more willing to fill it out if your form is simple, short and generally done right.

4. Heavy copy
Website copy should be well crafted and aimed at a specific market, conveying the messages needed and providing details visitors need. But writing too much copy and not being concise leads to lifeless website content

5. Lacking top quality content
Top quality content is the number one ranking criteria for the search engines. So, when building a website, give enough consideration to your content, making sure it’s high-quality.

6. Poor navigation
In case your website can’t be properly navigated, you could potentially miss out on a significant amount of traffic and conversions. When planning a navigation for a website, it’s essential to make sure that the consumer’s most need pages are those that are the easiest to find.

7. Poor quality images
Your website is usually the first point of contact the potential customer makes with your company. Therefore, nothing blurry or pixelated should be used. In order to make sure your photos and images are high quality, one can utilize many of the free online sources that provide stock photos free of copyright.

8. No CTAs
Whether it’s a purchase, a subscription, or something else – companies need to clearly direct visitors towards the next step. So, don’t forget that you need a clear Call to Action.

Those were the top ten most common website mistakes hurting the site’s overall engagement. Do you recognise any of them on your own website?

If your website is experiencing from more than one of these mistakes, reach out. We've helped dozens of clients worldwide build or improve websites and we'd love to help do the same for you. Get in touch with our team.