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23rd July 2018

10 steps for new digital product development

Whether it’s a new website or an app, a successful product development needs fundamentally improved approaches to organizing the process. Whether a startup planning to launch a new service or an enterprise wanting to present a new solution for its employees – how do you actually build your own digital product?

Idea Generation & Proof of Concept
Ideas come from many different directions and that is always a start point – the development of a digital product starts with the concept. After that, a proof of concept is generally made in the early development cycle of a product. That is being done in order to validate the feasibility, find out potential roadblocks and risks and determine the scope of work.

In order to establish the customer base, market research needs to be conducted and target user groups identified. Before investing resources in the design and development, you need to know what people want and define the competitive advantage. So, the key steps: analysis, research & preparation.

The Look & The Feel
As soon as you know where you’re going, it’s time to start with the initial sketches or wire frames for your vision. The next step would be prototyping, so you can run tests with the team and your target audience. It also important because it will also allow the development team to gain some insights about the estimation accuracy.

Product Development
If the new product design is approved, it will be passed on to the team of software developers. This stage helps in continually innovating the product and deploying new features. Additionally, it helps improve time-to-market skills and maintain product cost-effectively.

The Marketing
Your marketing and communication plan is something that should have been started planning in the preparation phase. In this stage, the marketing team performs a variety of activities including product positioning, messaging, creating marketing collateral, and executing go-to-market strategy.

The entire new product development is an ever-evolving process. After the above-mentioned phases, there are several other things to be kept in mind, such as:

➔ A launch evaluation
➔ Establishing necessary metrics
➔ Maintenance of the product
➔ Customer support planning and execution
➔ Re-engineering

New digital product development can often be an exhausting process but it can also be made much simpler and focused. By following the steps provided in the articles, look for continuous improvements and strive for the success.

What were the challenges you experienced with new digital product development? Share your hints and advice below

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