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25th June 2018

Tips, tricks and tools for iOS developers

Figuring out how to get started with iOS app development can often be pretty exhausting, having in mind that there are so many different languages, frameworks, and suggested tips.

Apple with iOS has always been known for its high-quality apps which brings strict requirements for iOS app developers too. It accounts for a large part of the mobile audience, so it’s a lucrative market to tap and it’s definitely an interesting field to work in. Currently, there are 4.43 billion mobile users around the world as of 2015 and the number is likely to reach to 5.07 billion by 2019.

Whether you are just getting started or you’re an experienced iOS app developer, it’s always good to learn something new and improve. That’s why we gathered a couple of tips, tricks and tools for iOS app developers to make this learning experience go smoother.

To fully understand the ins and outs of the device and understand its benefits, drawbacks, pain points and similar, get your hands and use the device you plan to develop for. Whether an iPhone, TV or an Watch, try using one for a week in order to be able to develop a fully functional
app that is also intuitive to use. So, you need to think about your users and all of the ways they will be using the app. This should be kept in mind throughout the whole process, during the wireframing, user roadmapping, an architecture for your app’s information and prototyping. Additionally, take some time to think about creating something interesting that keep the users engaged with your mobile app. Other tips regarding this might include pricing your iOS mobile app correctly, knowing your target audience, thinking of marketing strategy and testing your mobile app. However, all those tips and tricks might be applied to all other platforms and not only to iOS applications.

Let dig into some specifics to iOS application development:

➔ Using the apple id to sign your code
➔ Creating an intuitive project directory structure
➔ Designing UI elements with 3D Touch in mind
➔ Not using too many dependencies
➔ Not trying to write async code without promises, operations or 3rd-party libs
➔ Not using singletons at all

Developing iOS mobile apps or managing iOS related projects doesn’t have to be that challenging if you decide to follow best practices for building the app and keeping your project organized.

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