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26th August 2019

Things to consider when developing an e-commerce website

There are a multitude of aspects to consider when building an e-commerce website. Having in mind how interactive those website must be, it’s easy to understand why so much effort should be put into making the purchase process easy and intuitive. Some of the most important things to consider when developing an e-commerce website are:

1. Optimised site performance
According to various studies, 40% of users will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why the performance and speeds are crucial. There are several very simple ways to help make the site run smoother such as using fast and reliable hosting, leveraging a Content Delivery Network (CDN), decreasing thumbnail image size and similar.

2. Security
Credit card and payment information, customer information like address, phone number, email etc. – every e-commerce site should support SSL to encrypt information that needs to remain secure. Keeping online store secure is becoming increasingly important nowadays and because of this – security is going to become an essential part of the development process

3. Product Showcase
Every e-commerce site has one main goal – to sell products and this is why those products need to be properly showcased. To ensure the best presentation possible, those are some things to consider: high-quality images should be used to get the user’s attention, a layout that emphasizes products should be chosen, products need to be described correctly and in detail.

4. User experience and design
Having a great user experience followed by amazing UI are some of the most incredibly important parts of your e-commerce website. Simple and intuitive design that includes all the necessary features and information, combined with complete responsiveness will result in a decreased cart abandonment, increased user acquisition and retention and improved overall business performance.

5. Customer support
The best way to increase retention and earn loyal customers is to show how your team is always available for helping them when they encounter a problem – whether via live chat, email or phone.

Some other aspects that should be considered are:
➔ Social proof
➔ Browsing
➔ Payment options
➔ Scalability
➔ Promotion

No matter how experienced your team is or how great your business ideas are – above mentioned will still be a great challenge but taking these 5 things into consideration will help you plan a successful e-commerce store, for sure.

Use our know-how to develop your first e-commerce or grow an existing one. Our team will help you make smart decisions that will have you well prepared for the future. Get in touch with our team.